Healthy egg muffin cups

Hi !

My exams are finally over and the new semester has already begun. That’s why I started thinking about different types of breakfast, lunch and snacks that I could make ahead (in the weekends) and refrigerate or freeze so it saves me time during the week.
Last weekend I made these delicious egg muffin cups and I decided to share this recipe with you guys. And yes, these egg muffins are freezable and easy to make !

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Recipe: bagel/pretzel twists


Today I am sharing a recipe for these bagel twists. After you make these, you will realize how simple they are.
You can top them with anything you like and they are freezable. I really like them topped with some sea salt and rosemary.
That is my favourite topping. But you can also make them sweeter with a sugar topping.

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Recipe: homemade french croissants


Making these delicious croissants was a lot of work. It took me 1 and  a half day!
But it was totally worth it, nothing better than homemade croissants or bread.
These croissants have a nice and crispy “crust” and so many flaky layers.
When these come out of your oven they are impossible to resist!

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