My tanning routine + review Primark PS Bronze Self Tan Mousse

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It’s April and there’s nothing I like more about spring than the return of sunshine. I can start wearing skirts and dresses again and the sunny weather just makes me feel more energetic. On the other side… I’m a blonde girl with blue eyes and… I’m freaking pale ! And let’s face it: self-tanning can get really weird: the smell, the orangey color, the streaks…. That’s why I’ve never been a big fan of self-tanning products and most of the time they are expensive too. Until I found this Primark self tan mousse and decided to give it a try. ‘Cause lets be honest… You do look better when you’re a little bit tanned.

Today I’m sharing my self-tanning routine with you and I try a self-tanner for the first time: the Primark PS bronze self tan mousse in the color light-medium.


This self tan applicator and self tan mousse are available at Primark (of course). The self tan applicator costs €3, the mousse €4. The self tan mousse contains apricot oil and it doesn’t smell like a typical tanning product, at first, but when it’s developing on your skin, you get that typical self tan smell. It applies really nice and the applicator feels soft on your skin. You have to let the mousse dry for one minute before putting on any clothes.


I start by exfoliating my body!  This step is important to remove any dead skin and help the self tanner apply evenly. I often do this the night before (24 hours before tanning), after shaving my legs. You can use any scrub you want, I like to use one with larger sugar/salt crystals.


A few minutes before tanning, I apply a little bit of moisturizer/body lotion to the areas that may soak up the tanning product, like my knees, ankles, feet… Some people like to moisturize their whole body before self tanning. It’s just personal preference.



* Follow the instructions from the product *

I’ve learned that having a mitt to apply the self-tanner is a total must. I put my mitt on and start applying the tanner. This Primark self tanner applies really even.



My legs before applying the self tanner


My legs a few minutes after applying the self tanner

A few minutes after applying the self tanner I immediately saw a difference in color. My legs looked darker and more tanned, but a little bit yellowish/orangey. The product instructions say to try to not get wet or sweat for at least 4 hours so I decided to leave it on over night. The product also recommends to shower the product off to reveal a natural looking tan.
The next morning I showered and afterwards I noticed there wasn’t a big difference in color anymore. It looked like the tan had disappeared.



The next day, after taking a shower


As you can see, there’s only a slight difference between the first and last picture. Overall, I’m still very happy with this self tanner. It’s not expensive and it gives a nice result for one day/night, at least if you do not take a shower. I did use the light to medium bronze self tanner, but Primark does have a medium to dark one too, and maybe that one will give me more of my desired result after showering. The self tanner does apply really smooth and even and it fades gradually. I’ll rate it with 3/5.

Hope you liked reading this blogpost ! 

Untill next time,
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