Another Fittea Discount Code !


Lately, I have been very busy with school so that’s why there haven’t been any new articles up. I’m working on new stuff in my free time so don’t worry, new blogposts are on their way!
Today I am sharing a quick update on my campaign ’cause I have a new discount code for my followers on instagram and my blog.

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My tanning routine + review Primark PS Bronze Self Tan Mousse

Hi !

It’s April and there’s nothing I like more about spring than the return of sunshine. I can start wearing skirts and dresses again and the sunny weather just makes me feel more energetic. On the other side… I’m a blonde girl with blue eyes and… I’m freaking pale ! And let’s face it: self-tanning can get really weird: the smell, the orangey color, the streaks…. That’s why I’ve never been a big fan of self-tanning products and most of the time they are expensive too. Until I found this Primark self tan mousse and decided to give it a try. ‘Cause lets be honest… You do look better when you’re a little bit tanned.

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Fittea by Fitvia – Protection Tea & To go cup (+ Discount Code ! )

Fittea is the first functional tea brand for a healthier and better You. We offer a variety of functional teas, which combine great taste and effect. Our Body Detox Tea contains selected ingredients to promote fat-burning and support your metabolism. Furthermore, this tea enhances your complexion and helps you to simply feel better. It contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that effects your health and well-being. Furthermore, it reduces bloating.

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Raffaello Cupcakes

Hi !Β 

Friday is my birthday and for my 23rd birthday I wanted to make cupcakes inspired by my favorite chocolates… Raffaello!Β Today I’m sharing my “recipe” for these yummy vanilla cupcakes with a coconut and white chocolate – buttercream frosting.Β 

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