My crocheted & knitted things (1)


Today I am sharing some pictures of crocheted and knitted things I made.
I love to crochet and knit and I hope you enjoy this post. 
This is part 1 because I made a lot more but I have not photographed everything yet and it would be a very long blogpost.

These are some of the bikini’s I crocheted. I really like to make tops, bralettes and bikini’s.
(My own patterns)

Crocheted chokers. Love them!
(Slightly adapted the pattern from thesnugglery)

Knitted matching gloves and hat with a pompom. A headband/ earwarmer I knitted, it is made with rose and blue glitter yarn.
(My own patterns, but I think you can find enough patterns online that look a like)

A teddy bear and a dog pillow I crocheted. The teddy bear is so cute and I love the colours of the pillow. The pillow was a lot of work, because I made it with individual squares and had to sew them together.
(Pattern from amigurumitoday and plus3crochet)

And finally, a crocheted forest animal and alien. I made these with a beautiful green colour.
(Patterns from amigurumitoday)

This is part 1! I hope you like the pictures and maybe get a little inspired to crochet or knit.

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