DIY bag with embroidered patches

Hi !

Today I’m sharing an easy and quick (5 minute) DIY (-idea) ! I did this project with an old clutch bag from H&M, but you can do the same thing with your favorite clothing items !

As you could read in my blogpost Spring 2017 musthaves/trends , embroidery is hot this spring and summer. I found an old clutch bag from H&M and decided to give it a second life by adding some embroidered patches.

The things you’ll need

  • a bag, jeans, denim jacket,… anything you want to pimp with some patches !
  • patches (you can buy them online, for example AliExpress, I bought mine at Veritas)
  • a clothes iron/ironing machine
  • a cotton cloth or kitchen towel

I decided to add some embroidered flower patches to my bag. To apply the patches to your bag/clothing item, you have to follow the instructions that come with your patches. In this article I’ll provide the steps I used (and my patches required), but yours can be different.

First, place your patches onto the item you want to decorate it with. Once your happy with the location, place an old kitchen towel or cotton cloth carefully onto the patches (make sure they don’t move). Next, place the hot iron (200°C) on the patches for 30 seconds. After these 30 seconds, check if the patches are well attached. If not, heat them for a little while longer.

Et voila, your DIY is finished! It’s as easy as that !

Until next time,



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