Tea by Fitvia – Day & Night Detox Set (+ Discount Code ! )


Fittea is the first functional tea brand for a healthier and better You. We offer a variety of functional teas, which combine great taste and effect. Our Body Detox Tea contains selected ingredients to promote fat-burning and support your metabolism.

Furthermore, this tea enhances your complexion and helps you to simply feel better. It contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that effects your health and well-being. Furthermore, it reduces bloating.

Hi !

Fittea was so kind to send me their new Day & Night detox set and rose gold thermo bottle to try for you guys. In this article I will give you a little bit more info on Fittea and this new Day & Night detox set and at the end of this article I share a 15% discount code to use on your order at www.fitvia.eu !

Fittea.eu is an online webshop selling different kinds of detox teas with natural ingredients and no artificial additives. Fittea will soon become part of their new brand fitvia. Besides tea, they want to revolutionize other food & beverages and increase their health benefits.

The new Day & Night detox set contains the Body Detox tea and the new Pure Night detox tea.

Drink an energizing cup of your Body Detox tea every morning and end your day with the caffeine-free Pure Night Detox tea, for rejuvenating night’s sleep thanks to the healing benefits of the moringa leaves.

Pure night detox tea

The Pure Night Detox tea is the perfect complement to your daily detox. It is caffeine-free and contains effective ingredients such as moringa leaves, rose petals and ginger. One cup of this tea every night helps to detoxify and relax your body after a long day. Enjoy a restful and rejuvenating night with the Pure Night Detox tea.

  • Peaceful sleep: 100 % Herbal and Caffeine-Free the Pure Night Detox tea will help your body ease into peaceful sleep
  • Well-being: Experience special wellness feeling with our new Pure Night Detox Tea
  • Regeneration: The natural ingriedients in our Pure Night Detox Tea actively support your body’s regeneration during the night
  • Hydration: The Pure Night Detox Tea helps you stay hydrated during while sleeping



Body detox tea

This tea contains selected ingredients to promote fat-burning and support your metabolism. Vitamins and antioxidants support a healthy immune system and increase well-being. Furthermore, this tea promotes a pure and clear complexion.


I replaced my daily morning coffee with a cup of the Body Detox Tea and in the evenings I make myself a nice cup of the pure night tea to relax and have a great sleep.

Would you like to order your own Fitvia Tea detox set? With code 15EVA15 you get a 15% discount on your order !



Until next time,

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