Custom mixed muesli – review

Hi !

As you could read in my January haul, I ordered some muesli from
I’d like to share my experiences with this online shop in this article.

Mymuesli is an online shop selling different kinds of muesli, oatmeal and granola. It was the first company globally to offer customised muesli. You can easily compose your own individual muesli with the muesli-mixer and there are more than 80 organic ingredients to choose from (certified organic and without additives). When you don’t like making choices, you can buy one of the amazing ready-made mixes.

The first time I bought muesli from, I ordered 2 tubes of custom mixed muesli. Unfortunately, I received my order almost 2,5 weeks later ! On their website they claim it will only take 5-7 business days to deliver your order, so I decided to contact their customer service. They got back to me the same day and apparently something went wrong with my order. In order to compensate (because I ordered muesli as a birthday gift and it wouldn’t arrive in time) they sent me a €5 voucher to spend on my next order.

img_1962img_2911I’ve already placed and received my second order and this time it did arrive within 7 days! I really liked my custom mixed muesli and it’s so much fun to choose the ingredients you like (healthy or less healthy) and give your mix a custom name and description. In my opinion, this muesli is not expensive (you have to keep in mind that the ingredients are organic) and the tubes of their ready-made muesli are so pretty !


I also got a free trial pack with my first order because I had a special voucher. This trial pack contained 6 muesli-2-go cups, muesli in a pre-portioned cup, easy to take with you to school, work,…

Have you already tried the muesli from Leave us a comment!



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