DIY rose highlighter


I think everyone knows the rose highlighter from Lancôme, it is beautiful. The highlighter from Lancôme is available online and costs 60 USD (around 75 euro). Because of the fact that this highlighter is expensive and Lancôme isn’t a cruelty free brand, I decided to make my own rose highlighter and I am going to share this DIY with you.

What you will need:


  • a fake rose (I used one from Action, but you can find them in different (craft) stores)
  • a (beautiful) container (this one is also from Action)
  • a highlighter, I used one from Kiko
  • a makeup brush
  • a makeup setting spray/fixer, this one is from Kiko
  • a face lotion

Take a small bowl and crush your highlighter into the bowl. Put some lotion in the bowl and mix with a spoon until you get a thick (cream like) and smooth ‘mixture’.
Clean your fake rose and make sure it is dry. Spray some setting spray over your rose and start putting the highlighter on your rose with the brush. Wait until the rose is dry and put on another layer of highlighter. Keep on repeating these steps until your highlighter mixture is finished. Spray the rose with setting spray and let it dry.

When everything is completely dry, you can use the highlighter!

Here are some swatches of my rose highlighter:


For the left swatch I used a brush that I normally use for highlighter.


This is my finished rose highlighter. I paid less than 5 euro to make this highlighter. The most expensive thing you’ll need to make this diy is the highlighter.

I hope you enjoyed this diy and try to make it your self.

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