Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Hi !

Today it’s the 14th of February… Valentine’s day ! For those of you who do not have a date this Valentine’s day, I have something (maybe) even better ! Make yourself this happy, colorful and magical unicorn hot chocolate and enjoy it while binge-watching your favorite tv-shows ! 



  • (white) chocolate (you can use any kind of chocolate you like, I used white because it’s a unicorn hot chocolate)
  • milk
  • 200 ml heavy (whipping) cream
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • food coloring
  • lots of sprinkles
  • marshmallows
  • straws
  • piping bag


  • put the milk and chocolate into a small pan and put on a medium heat (you can use milk and chocolate to taste, that’s why I do not provide any measurements)
  • add the sugar to the heavy cream and beat until soft peaks form
  • divide the whipped cream into different bowls and color it with the food coloring
  • pour your hot chocolate into a mug
  • add dollops of each color of the whipped cream on your hot chocolate or put dollops of whipped cream into a piping bag and add a nice swirl on top
  • top the cream with lots of sprinkles and marshmallows
  • Enjoy !












Leave us a comment if you’ve made this unicorn hot chocolate ! We would like to see your creations, share it with #dailytwounicornhotchocolate on social media !

Lots of love,

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