My unicorn birthday cake


Today I am sharing some pictures of my unicorn birthday cake.
So I am not sharing a recipe but just some inspiration to make your own unicorn cake, because you can make it with a lot of different cakes and decorations of your choice.



Making this cake was a lot of work, it was my first try to make a cake like this and I think the cake turned out beautiful and delicious ;)
The cake consists of two layers vanilla cake and a layer of buttercream between the layers vanilla cake. 

I made it with meringue, fondant and buttercream decorations. It also was my first time making meringue kisses and decorations.
Here are some details of the decorations:




For the inner ears and the horn I used some silver dust. I also used edible pearls to decorate.

To make the mane I first piped some buttercream (purple and white) and then I started decorating it with meringue kisses and roses. The eyes are made out of black fondant.


I really liked making this cake. I hope you enjoy these pictures, maybe for inspiration to make your own unicorn cake!


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