Huge January Haul (beauty, fashion, home decor,,,…)

Hi !

January sales are over and I have to admit… My bank account isn’t happy, oops ! In this article I will show you  the things I bought in January. (Some items were actually bought in december but I decided to include them in this blog post as well). I tried to link most of the items, so if you click on them you can see the products and their prices on the official websites of the stores.


The following items are from Kruidvat (webshop & store)


From left to right

Essence keep it perfect ! Make-up fixing spray
Catrice All Matt Plus 010 Light Beige Shine Control Make Up Foundation
Catrice HD 020 Rose Beige Liquid Coverage Foundation
Catrice Noir Noir 02 Noir Rouge Nail polish
Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base
Catrice 18H Colour & Contour 010 Me, My Black and I eyeliner
Catrice Rock Couture Extreme Volume 24H 010 Black Mascara
Catrice Liquid Luminizer 020 Ready For Champagne ! Strobing pen



From left to right

Kruidvat Ladies Sensitive Shaving gel for sensitive skin
Kruidvat Originals Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask
Kruidvat Skin, Hair, Nails Tablets


Recently I bought some more make-up products and accessories at Kruidvat, Kiko Milano and Di and I decided to include them in this January Haul.


From left to right

Catrice Luminous Lips 120 Wood Rose Propose?  (Kruidvat)
Kiko Milano smart lipstick 934 Wine (Kiko Milano)
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Di Beauty and Care)


I also had to order some new eyeshadow brushes because I thought I had lost a few of my brushes (which wasn’t the case, eventually). I ordered them online at HEMA. I really like some of their brushes (not all of them and Real Techniques is still my favourite make-up brush brand)


From top to bottom

Eyeshadow brush & smudge 256
Smokey eyes brush 259
Eyelash brush


Saturdays I work at a company that provides pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and drugstores. I got to choose a few products which they couldn’t sell anymore. The value of all the products is around €150, but I got them for free. I couldn’t make pictures of all the products I received because I gave some to my sister.












The clothes and shoes I bought the past month were in sale and most of them aren’t for sale anymore, I’m sorry ! I will link the webshops and tell you the prices of the items.



From left to right

Ribbed long sleeve jumper – Grey – €8,99 (not available anymore)
Long sleeve cropped jumper with lace collar – Grey – €8,99 (only in black)

Guts & Gusto

From left to right

Heeled boots Rome – Black – €20,00 (not available anymore)
Blouse Jade – Brown – €17,50 (sold out)


From left to right

Nights in green satin – Green/Khaki – €17,50 (I bought this item with a 50% discount, still for sale for €25,00)
Crochet is back – Black – €17,50 (still for sale for €25,00)


Pieces slim fit jeans – medium blue – €49,99 (available)


Adidas Performance Essentials Linear – Tights – black melange/joy – €22,45 (available)



Primark sports top – blue – €7,00 (don’t know if it’s still in stores)

This slide show provides a better look at the clothing items I bought. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I decided to order some superfoods from Body & Fit Shop ’cause they offered a 15% discount and I also ordered muesli from a site I saw many bloggers promote on instagram.

Body & Fit Shop


The things I ordered (the prices I mention are the normal prices (not the discount prices I paid))

Chia seeds – 250 grams –  €3,90
Cacao nibs – 250 grams – €3,90
Wheat grass – 250 grams – €3,79
Shredded coconut – 500 grams – €3,90
Omega seed mix – 250 grams – €2,90
Sunflower seeds – 500 grams – €3,90
Crunchy Protein Balls – 1 package – strawberry and white chocolate crunchy – €2,50 (I really do not like the taste of these protein balls…)

My Muesli

I ordered 2 tubes of custom mixed muesli and got 6 muesli-to-go packages for free. I will be reviewing this order in another blog post, stay tuned !



Last but not least ! I bought a few bits and bobs from Action and from an online Belgian webshop, Beauty & Bobs.


From left to right

Scented candle – Tropic Flower – €1,99
Facial Sheet Mask – €0,65
Lipstick Organizer – can’t remember the price

Beauty & Bobs


This Belgian webshop has a lot of things: clothing, shoes, candles, make-up…
I ordered some Yankee Candles for me and my sister (as a birthday present).
My order arrived the next day, so fast! It came with a lovely personal note from the webshop owner and a discount code, so sweet !

The Yankee Candles I bought
Vanilla cupcake Votive – €2,60
Macaron Treats Votive – €2,60
Pain au raisin Votive – €2,60
Rhubarb crumble Votive – €2,60
Tarte tatin Votive – €2,60
Snowflake cookie Votive – €2,60

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my January Haul. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do this type of haul more often ! 

Until next time,

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