Review: Zoeva Blanc Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

Hi !

Are you ready for some exquisite white chocolate inspired make-up goodness?
After the article about the Zoeva Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette, it’s time to give you a review of another palette I received in the Zoeva Plaisir Box.

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Healthy egg muffin cups

Hi !

My exams are finally over and the new semester has already begun. That’s why I started thinking about different types of breakfast, lunch and snacks that I could make ahead (in the weekends) and refrigerate or freeze so it saves me time during the week.
Last weekend I made these delicious egg muffin cups and I decided to share this recipe with you guys. And yes, these egg muffins are freezable and easy to make !

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DIY rose highlighter


I think everyone knows the rose highlighter from Lancôme, it is beautiful. The highlighter from Lancôme is available online and costs 60 USD (around 75 euro). Because of the fact that this highlighter is expensive and Lancôme isn’t a cruelty free brand, I decided to make my own rose highlighter and I am going to share this DIY with you.

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Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Hi !

Today it’s the 14th of February… Valentine’s day ! For those of you who do not have a date this Valentine’s day, I have something (maybe) even better ! Make yourself this happy, colorful and magical unicorn hot chocolate and enjoy it while binge-watching your favorite tv-shows ! 

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Huge January Haul (beauty, fashion, home decor,,,…)

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January sales are over and I have to admit… My bank account isn’t happy, oops ! In this article I will show you  the things I bought in January. (Some items were actually bought in december but I decided to include them in this blog post as well). I tried to link most of the items, so if you click on them you can see the products and their prices on the official websites of the stores.

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Recipe: bagel/pretzel twists


Today I am sharing a recipe for these bagel twists. After you make these, you will realize how simple they are.
You can top them with anything you like and they are freezable. I really like them topped with some sea salt and rosemary.
That is my favourite topping. But you can also make them sweeter with a sugar topping.

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DIY: Sweet exfoliating lip scrub

Hi !

I’m all about DIYing when it comes to my beauty products, because it means I can control what I’m putting on my skin (and this means no chemicals).
This time I’m sharing a recipe to make your own lip scrub.

Starting a lip care regime is very important when you like your lipstick to apply (and look) smooth and flawless and it makes your lipstick last longer. By using a lip scrub, you get rid off that top layer of dry skin, exposing a new soft lip. It exfoliates and nourishes your lips and gives chapped lips no chance. 

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