Review: Zoeva Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette

Hi !

I can’t express how much I like the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes. I think they are the best eyeshadow palettes in their price range, and the Zoeva products are cruelty free, yay !

The first Zoeva product I bought (oh well, “received”) was the Zoeva En Taupe palette, an eyeshadow palette with a lot of cool toned grey and taupe eyeshadow colors. I liked it so much and when I saw that they came out with two more new palettes in November 2016, I knew I had to order them. My boyfriend decided to buy me a gift box from Zoeva as a Christmas present, the Zoeva plaisir box, which contains 3 eyeshadow palettes: Caramel Melange, Blanc Fusion and Cocoa Blend (which isn’t new). This plaisir box is still for sale on the official Zoeva website.

img_0948-2 img_0952-2

The palettes come in a pretty cardboard packaging with golden details. There are 10 shades in each of them that have names, which I think is a fun detail. The palettes follow a chocolate theme (colors and names, just like Cocoa Blend, first released a year ago): sumptuous pralinés, creamy caramel and exquisite white chocolate. On the Zoeva website, an eyeshadow palette costs €21,80 (£17.50 or USD 26,50) and the plaisir box costs €60,00 (£48.00 or USD 72,00) (prices do not include shipping).


In this article I will review the Caramel Melange palette, a palette with 10 very warm tones of eyeshadow colors. It contains 6 matte shades and 4 shimmery shades. The colors are easy to blend and very well pigmented. The matte (lighter) shades are less pigmented than the others but if you build them up a bit, the pigmentation turns out pretty good.



The swatches were made on my arm without any base and are mostly double swipes of a finger.

img_0960FIRST ROW (from left to right)

  • Wax paper: a matte creamy white
  • Universal Delight: a peachy beige/brown with a matte finish
  • Aftertaste: a bright red-orange with a matte finish
  • 182°C: a shimmery warm (orange) copper with
  • Liquid Centre: a brown gold/copper with a foil finish


 SECOND ROW (from left to right)
  • Alchemy: a cinnamon color with a matte finish
  • Start soft: a warm toned medium brown with matte finish
  • Finish Sensual: a matte finish chocolate-brown
  • Almost Burnt: a very warm toned gold with a shimmery-metallic finish
  • Edible Gem: a deep matte aubergine/brown with a golden glitter

Overall, all the shades in this palette are stunning ! They last long and you can create a look for everyday wear or something more dramatic and dark for the evening.

What do you think of these creamy caramel shades?

Untill next time,


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